About Johnny Szymanski


Johnny Szymanski is a British based menswear brand started by Szymanski in 2020. Available both online and also in store in the Somerset town of Frome, his designs are for people who not only care about the way they look, but also about where their clothes come from. Each garment lets the quality of fabrics and construction speak for themselves. As well as offering a wide selection of ready to wear garments, there are also made to measure products available.

Having lived all over the world from New Zealand to Hong Kong, having a hugely varied career and having studied fashion at RMIT and The Whitehouse Institute in Melbourne, Szymanski's life has always been a bit different. He takes inspiration from all aspects of his life, his experiences and what he sees in the world around him. Every garment is designed by J.S. and as the brand develops you will begin to see signature design elements that are unmistakably Johnny Szymanski.

He is passionate about supporting British manufacturing and also the continued effort to produce sustainable clothes that move away from the 'fast fashion' model. His clothes are made to last.

Johnny Szymanski products are proudly British made. The ready to wear offering produced all over the UK (Bristol, Nottingham, London and Scotland) and the made to measure products are made by Szymanski himself at the back of the Frome store.

As well as supporting British manufacturing, he ensures that the environment is also front of mind, from product to packaging, and is constantly researching new and more environmentally friendly alternatives to bring into all parts of the brand.

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